Jefferson County Clerk & Recorder
Specifications for Land Records Imaging Project
The Jefferson County Clerk & Recorder’s Office is seeking qualified vendors to convert approximately 400 books and
221,000 aperture cards to digital images for import into Fidlar Technologies’ Records Management Software.
The project must be completed no later than June 30, 2024.
Project Specifications:
• On-Site Scanning – The Vendor will provide all necessary hardware, software and staff to perform scanning onsite.
Onsite Scanning is mandatory; 24-hour access will be permitted, and the media must be scanned by qualified staff who
have passed County approved background checks.
• On-Site Content Inspection – The Vendor will provide necessary services to ensure that all pages scanned must be
accounted for and any missed scans be captured prior to the onsite scan team leaving the County.
• Inventory Report – The Vendor will inventory the books and create an Inventory Report. Vendor staff will input their
employee number and the quantity of images after completing each step: scanning, cropping, inspecting, indexing,
enhancing, formatting, and shipping.
• Book Tracking – The Vendor will apply labels to the County’s shelving units to identify the location where books are to
be returned after scanning. Labels will be removed once scanning is completed.
• Book Handling – Books will be removed from shelves in sequential order. Pages will not be cut from binders (if
applicable). Pages in removeable binders may be removed for scanning but must be returned in sequential page order.
All books will be returned onto shelves in their original order.
• Book Scanning – The Vendor must scan all Books at 300dpi in color and save in industry standard JPEG format with
85% quality compression. All JPEG images will be converted to 300dpi single page Black & White TIFF images with
Group IV compression.
• Automatic Image Enhancement – The Vendor will automatically deskew and remove solid black borders on each
TIFF image for optimum file compression. In cases where there may be black images with white text (if applicable) the
Vendor will automatically reverse any TIFF image so that white text become white images with black text. There could
also possibly be some pages which have marginal notations and dual polarity, where additional processing may be
required during physical image enhancements.
• County Review & Pilot Approval – The Vendor must produce a pilot from each book type that will be cropped,
enhanced, grouped as documents, indexed by Book-Page or Document number and saved as multi-page TIFFs that
can be easily viewed by any imaging viewer.
• Image Inspection & Poor Quality Reporting – The Vendor will visually inspect 100% of the TIFF images for poor
quality by comparing the black and white TIFF images to the color JPEG images. If illegible data is identified on the
TIFF image that is present on the JPEG image, the TIFF will be “flagged” for poor quality and reported to the County in
a CSV file. The Vendor must provide the County with a software utility to easily sort, inspect and approve poor quality
• Double Image Inspection & Verification (Optional) – The Vendor must provide the option to have a second
inspection on images, whereby 100% of the images must be inspected by a second inspector and the images must be
compared electronically and any mismatches be determined by a third inspector.
• Excess Border Removal – The Vendor will provide manual cropping to provide a more accurate original page size,
fewer bytes per image and better performance of the system and overall appearance of every image. No data or
marginal notations will be removed from the image during this process.
• Manually Group & Index – The Vendor’s experienced staff, with thorough Land Records knowledge, must group
individual pages together for each document and index each document by either the Book-Page or Document number
of the first page of each new document.
• Double Group, Index & Verify (Optional) – The Vendor must provide the option to have a second grouping/indexing
service, whereby the Vendor must group and index a second time by a second indexer. The documents and indexes
identified by the first indexer and the second indexer must be compared electronically and any mismatches must be
inspected, verified, and corrected by a third indexer.
• Image Enhancement – The Vendor must have the ability to adjust the poor contrast of an entire page or any specific
area on a page (without degrading the quality of the rest of the page) to provide the most legible images possible. If the
County is not satisfied with the legibility of any image, at any time, the Vendor will enhance the TIFF image from the
JPEG backup image without having to physically rescan the original media.
• Page Duplication – Some Books may have pages that contain multiple documents on a single page. These pages
must be electronically duplicated so that each grouped document has its own set of images.
• Double Page Duplication (Optional) – The Vendor must provide the option to have a second page duplication service,
whereby the Vendor must create a second set of duplicated images and electronically compare them against the first
set of duplicated images and any mismatches must be corrected by a third operator.
• Masking (Optional) – The Vendor must provide an option to mask multiple documents on a page, so that only one
document is visible at a time. Page numbers, page margins and overall format of the page must not be changed.
• Marginal Notations – Some pages could possibly contain a white border around a black page. Book-Page number,
Reference Book-Page number, and Release information is commonly located in this white border (typically known as
Marginal Notations). The Vendor must have the ability to include these notations in the image and make all the
background white and all the text and handwriting black.
• Dual Polarity Correction – Some pages could possibly contain a mix of black text on white background and white text
on black background. Should these pages be encountered, the Vendor must have the ability to correct this issue, when
applicable, and adjust the background polarity so the entire page contains white background with black writing.
• Formatting – The Vendor will format the images and indexes to the requirements provided by Fidlar Technologies.
This format includes providing images as Black & White TIFF, 300 DPI, Group IV compression images with an
accompanying index file that defines the Book-Page or Document Number name and file location of each image.
• USB Hard Drives – At the completion of the project, the Vendor will provide all single page, raw, JPEG and TIFF
images as well as all formatted images on external USB Hard Drives. One set will be shipped to the County for import
and onsite backup. One set will be stored at The Vendor’s facility for offsite backup.
The successful bidder is responsible for all import cost into our current Fidlar system, if applicable, which is approximately
Please submit sealed bids clearly marked “Land Records Imaging Project” to:
Connie Simmons
Jefferson County Clerk & Recorder
100 S. 10th St., Room 105
Mt. Vernon, IL 62864
by 4:00 p.m. Friday, May 13, 2022
Sealed bids will be opened at Fiscal Committee Meeting on Thursday, May 19, 2022
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