Due to the passage of HB 3036 (Public Act 100-0271) which amends 55 ILCS 5/3-5018, a predictable fee schedule has been adopted by the County Board based upon cost study by Bellwether, LLC:

Fee Schedule click here

County Board Ordinance click here


Effective December 1, 2017, Jefferson County, Illinois will only accept MyDec generated PTAX forms - please bring/mail printed form with your recording.  For information regarding using MyDec through the Illinois Department of Revenue go to their web site or call their toll free telephone 844-445-1114.  (Our revenue stamp meter has malfunctioned, so we must go to electronic transfer stamps with the Illinois Department of Revenue.)


Due to our current vendor discontinuing our Recording software, we were forced to change systems.  We have chosen Fidlar Technologies.  We have been using Fidlar since the first of June, 2015.  You can use Fidlar's on-line service - for the different programs click here.  To print an on-line access agreement click here.

Fidlar offers PROPERTY FRAUD ALERT - for information click here.


The office recently had a "cost of service" study done by Bellwether, LLC, and this will result in Recording fees  increasing effective June 1, 2015 (County Ordinance 2015-01).  This will be on all documents received on or after June 1, 2015. (We cannot go by postmark date.)

Assumed Name filing will be $15.00 and any change to that Assumed Name will be $10.00.  Assumed Name Certificate is mailed to business address after proof of publication is returned to County Recorder Office.

Recording fees will not be guaranteed until we have original document (no copies or faxes). All inquiries, requests, and recordings must be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped, return envelope (SASE).  If you use an "overnight" service, you must arrange for pick up.  (Some will charge us if we call even if it is pre-paid, and those we do not call for a pick up.)

Recording Fees for most documents* which fully comply with the rules of standardization** (except UCC filings and plats) - TOTAL $73.00:

Base recording fee (1-4 pages) = $35.19; GIS mapping fee = $16.00;  RHSP fee = $ 9.00; Recorder's Document Storage = $3.00;  Recorder’s Automation fee = $9.81  TOTAL = $73.00

Each additional page = $1.00

Each reference after the first per document = $1.00

    This is for such documents as releases. Assignments of mortgages and liens with more than one reference will be the recording fee plus $7.00 for each reference after one. Assignments of oil & gas leases will be the recording fee plus $1.00 for each additional reference after one.

UCC filing, assignment, amendment, continuation = $64.00

UCC full termination = $29.00

Articles of Incorporation, Memorandum of Judgement = $64.00

Subdivision Plats (approved by County or Municipality) = $98.00


*There are exceptions regarding the State RHSP. (If RHSP not required, contact the office for fees.)


**Rules of Standardization:

8 ½ inch X 11 inch letter paper

Typed or printed, black ink

3 inch X 5 inch blank in upper right corner

½ inch margins

Document shall not have any attachment stapled or otherwise affixed (tape, labels, stickers, etc.) to any page.

Name and address of the preparer (see 55 ILCS 5/3-5022)


For documents which DO NOT COMPLY FULLY  with the standardization rules, the fee is $85.00 for the first four pages and $2.00 for each additional page.

 Copies are $1.00 per page for any copies printed.

 Certified copies of recorded documents are $10.00 certification fee in addition to the basic copy fee.


Recordings, copy requests & payment should and sent to:

     Jefferson County Recorder

     100 South 10th Street, Room 105

     Mt. Vernon, IL 62864

A self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) is required with all recordings and copy requests.


Recording Department’s Telephone: 618-244-8020 Ext. 3, Option 1

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