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Pay Online Step-By-Step instructions 

Automatic-Payments Option

Payment options:

  • Pay Online – go to (an auto-pay option is also available). Fees apply.
  • Pay by phone – call 844-924-2100 (limited to one item per phone call). Fees apply.
  • Pay at most local banks by the due date – banks will not accept late payments.
  • Pay by U.S. Mail – envelopes must be postmarked no later than the installment due date - be sure to include the payment stub(s) with your check.
  • Pay in person at the Jefferson County Treasurer’s office in the courthouse - we accept cash, *checks, Debit/Credit cards, and money orders.
  • If your taxes are held in escrow by a mortgage company, you are responsible to forward your bill to them for payment.
  • Here is what you need to know if  Paying Under Protest
  • Make checks payable to: Jefferson County Collector.

        *payment by personal check must be made 45 or more days before the tax sale to allow for bank processing time.

Certified vs Cashier's Check - what is the difference?

Not receiving your tax bills?  You may need to submit a Change Of Address Form.



     Before moving or selling a mobile home, the taxes must be paid to date.

     To obtain a clear title, you will need a Mobile Home Certification, availabe at the Jefferson County Treasurer’s Office and then filed with the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office.

     Documentation required for certification includes the original title and names and addresses for both the seller and the buyer.

     There is a $5.00 fee to obtain a Tax Certification through the Treasurer's office.  We accept cash or check only for certifications. 

NOTICE TO MOBILE HOME OWNERS: Since the 2020 tax year, unpaid mobile home taxes and penalties have been sent to the annual tax sale. Starting in 2021, payment of current year mobile home property taxes will not be accepted until all prior years of unpaid taxes have paid, and open liens have been properly released and recorded. Call the Treasurer's office if you wish to see if you have any unpaid Mobile Home taxes.






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