Click the below links to view party Precinct Committeepersons:

  Democratic Precinct Committeemen click here


  Republican Precinct Committeemen click here



   State Board of Elections Deputy Registrar Pamplet click here.

   State Board of Elections Deputy Registrar Guidelines click here

   Jefferson County Bona fide State Civic Organizations Listing

       2020 click here

       2019 click here



Election Judges are appointed by Precinct Committeepersons every two years, approved by the County Board and confirmed by a Circuit Judge.  All appointed Judges were sent information. 

Election Judge training video from State Board of Elections:

(Training is the same for 2022.) Election Judge Test and Acceptance of Commission Form click here.   Election dates covered by this acceptance click here

If you are interested in becoming an Election Judge or Pollwatcher you can complete the training, return the test and acceptance form, and contact your Party Chairman (see Precinct Committeemen lists above) to be put on their list.  





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