Job Type:  Assistant Animal Warden

Job Location:  Jefferson County Animal Control, 107 E. Perkins, Mt. Vernon, IL

Job Title:  Animal Control II

Number of Positions Available:  1

Salary Range:  $14.79- $15.69

Please pick up applications at 107 E. Perkins Ave., Jefferson County Animal Control or on the Jefferson County website

Education and/or Experience:

-  High School diploma or equivalent with prior work experience or any combination of education and experience that provides equivalent knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the job

-  This position involves standing, walking, and general mobility to perform the duties of the position. 

-  Must have the ability to achieve goals individually or as a team and demonstrate the ability to effectively complete assigned tasks with minimal direction. 

-  Must be able to carry up to 50 pounds

-  Must possess valid Illinois Drivers license with no restrictions (does not include vision correction). 

-  Must be a resident within the limits of Jefferson County. 

-  Must have the ability to speak and relate courteously with the public and effectively relay information in regards to an animal or animal related situation.


Job Summary:  This position is responsible for labor related duties retrieving dogs and cats running at large, handling animals safetly and effectively, enforcing animal control ordinances and related laws and regulations and processing dog bites.  Every 3rd week, each Warden will do after hour emergency calls.  The on-call Warden will do after hour emergency calls.  The on-call Warden is responsible for Shelter cleaning, feeding and watering the week-end of that week while on call.  When not performing animal retrieval and dog bite duties, Shelter duties will apply, such as cleaning outside and inside all dog and cat pens daily, mopping and cleaning all Shelter floors, washing trays, bowls and loading washer with any laundry needing done.  Provide fresh water and food for all animals daily.  Perform light maintenance at the Animal Shelter.  Review animals with the public, and help with an adoption when necessary.  Correctly update and/or maintains animal log-in files/sheets and ensure pictures are taken of all animals brought into the Shelter.  Must operate a vehicle safetly.  


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