1st Assistant Public Defender Notice of Vacancy and Job Description
JOB TITLE: 1st Assistant Public Defender, Jefferson County
                    This is a full-time position
COMPENSATION: Starting Salary of $81,000.00
                               Heath Insurance and other insurance package options
APPLY TO: Matt Vaughn, Jefferson County Chief Public Defender
                    Jefferson County Courthouse
                    100 S 10th Street
                    Mt. Vernon, IL 62864
Please send the requirements of application to the following email: with “1st Assistant Public Defender” in the subject line of the email.
JOB DEFINITION: This job is concentrated in the defense of indigent individuals as appointed by the Court. This includes generally the representation of clients in juvenile, misdemeanor and felony cases as assigned by the Court and the Chief Public Defender. The 1st Assistant Public Defender shall have knowledge and the use of the following: Illinois criminal law, the Rules of the Illinois Supreme Court, the Illinois Juvenile Court Act, the policies, rules and practices of the Jefferson County Circuit Court and the Second Judicial Circuit.
NATURE OF WORK: Supervisory Relationships: The 1st Assistant Public Defender shall be responsible to the Chief Public Defender and Judges of the Second Circuit. The duties include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Interviews clients and witnesses to ascertain the facts of the case;
  • Conducts related investigations on behalf of clients;
  • Prepares case for trial;
  • Represents defendants in all aspects of the case to which they are assigned;
  • Conducts trial or hearing of a cause on behalf of the client, including advising the client of their opinion as to the law and the facts;
  • Conducts all facets of the trial or hearings including examination or cross-examination of witnesses, presentation of arguments to the jury, and preparation of jury instructions;
  • Presents offers of negotiated/ settlement of a cause to the client including appropriate admonitions, advisement of rights, and presentation of opinions as to the merits of the case, both from a factual and legal point of view;
  • Reviews, analyzes and interprets reports, records, and directives;
  • Confers with other counsel, investigators and other support personnel, to obtain data required for preparation and litigation;
  • Conducts themselves at all times according to appropriate professional, ethical and moral standards.
1. Education: Possession of a law degree from an American Bar Association (A.B.A.) accredited college or university is required.
2. Licensed and in good standing with the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Illinois Supreme Court required.
3. Appointed and removed by the Jefferson County Chief Public Defender.
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