Due to COVID-19, we are only doing applications by appointment within 1 week of your ceremony, and there are no Judges performing ceremonies at this time.  This is for your benefit as well as comply with the "stay at home" order since your ceremony may have to be postponed and the license is only good for 60 days.  You can print the attached worksheet (click here) and bring with you along with your IDs and birth certificates to speed up the process. 


A license issued in Jefferson County is only valid in Jefferson County, Illinois.  Both applicants must appear in person at least 30 minutes before closing to fill out paperwork and for us to enter into computer.  

Fee: $75.00* (plus $10 Judge Fee, if performed by Judge) 

Age: 18 and older with copy of official birth record showing parents (not hospital certificate) and government issued photo ID for both parties.  

Also, 16 and 17 year olds with both parents consent in front of County Clerk or notary, with copy of official birth record (not hospital certificate) and government issued photo ID for all parties

License valid for 60 days after effective date.  Illinois does not require blood tests.

Waiting period: 1 day unless Judge waives the waiting period (marriages only, not civil unions).  

*NOTE:  Judges will marry at 1:30 p.m. on Monday and Friday, if available.  For Information sheet click here.

Same Sex Marriage was signed into law by Governor Quinn on November 30, 2013, and took effect on June 1, 2014.  To view the memo issued by the State regarding coversion from a Civil Union click here.


 *Beginning June 1, 2015, per County Ordinance 2015-02 and "cost of service" study performed by Bellwether, LLC.

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